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First Flash

2007-09-19 15:07:03 by Lizardcoolz

Yes as I'm learning to learn Flash I've been improving myself over the weeks and months messing with flash and experimenting as well. But this might as well one of a few that I'm going to dish out over the months and probley I'll start up a steady stream of flashs by November.

My first flash will probley be a simple yet energetic stick flash with just a basic plot of just killing people and along with that it might as well be about oh lets say....30 seconds of just stick action killing. But just expect this first flash to come out around november or so just so I can make it run smooth and work on it as well.


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2008-02-04 17:23:16

"Just a fun guy to be around with yet...I hate the retarded noobs...not the people who first get here the ones who are just stupid using bad grammer you know..."

-Grammar is spelled with an 'a', not an 'e'
-That is an incomplete sentence; you shouldn't start it with 'just'
-" around with..." is redundant
-Should have a comma before 'yet'
-The word 'yet' does not make much sense there
-The '...'s are unnecessary
-You need a comma after "..first get here..."
-You need a comma after "...just stupid..."
-You need a comma after "...bad grammer[sic]...)
-'You know' in that context sounds very much like a question. If that is the case, it should have a question mark.

Your turn! ^_^


2008-03-13 01:04:29

Hey Tesseract! I found you!


2008-10-09 19:18:13